Gourdon Community Council


After a period of uncertainty the Gourdon Community Council is now fully operational and has resumed its customary schedule of activities.

Meetings of the full council are held in the Gourdon Primary School on the second Tuesday of each month, (School holidays excepted) and a General Meeting is held annually in April in the Gourdon Pblic Hall.. All are welcome to attend these meetings. Details of forthcoming meetings together with minutes of past meetings are given in the adjacent 'Meetings' page.

Membership of the council currently (November 2017) comprises the following.

The four members of Aberdeenshire Council elected to represent the Ward 19 region of Aberdeenshire. Click here for details of these and all other elected representatives at the various levels of government.

Individual members of the community as listed below who either reside in or have business interests in the village.

Chair Marie Carnie
Secretary (joint) Pauline Littlewood
Secretary (joint) VACANT
Treasurer Debbie Neill
Vice-Chair Emma Myatt
 Member Tom Carnie
 Member Hazel Hamilton-Hall
 Member Joyce Inglis
 Member Sandy Inglis
 Member Joy Johnston
 Member Angela Wells


Details of the Council's formal activities are recorded on this website. Matters of a more ephemeral nature of general interest to the village are recorded on the Gourdon Community Notice Board Facebook Page which can be reached by clicking the Facebook link above. The Facebook Page also provides opportunites for members of the community to make their opinions known and to post relevant content.

Users of the website can use their Twitter account to add comments to this page simply by including the hashtag #gourdonline in their Tweets.

All aspects of the operation of the Gourdon Community Counil acknowledge the provisions of the document  "Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils" published by the Aberdeenshire Council.




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